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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch v1.05, Updated Live

Today  JD_2020 has announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.05 update will be shared as well as patch details.

This patch includes improvements in online connectivity which will be released in the next few weeks.

Treyarch Developer is dedicated to achieve the best gaming experience for the fans, and we've been actively working with you to continue to improve the game based on your experience.

LIVE FIXES - 12/22 (full patch 1.05)

- Improved party reliability when leaving with party - an additional step in an ongoing series of party improvements continued in the next patch

- Improved UPnP functionality - further expands the game's capability to open NATs on routers with universal plug and play enabled

- Enabled mute functionality in Playercards in the pre-game lobby

- Enabled kick functionality in party and private match lobbies

- Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would not always display properly when multiple players leave the lobby after a team split

- Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would appear stuck on the countdown timer while waiting to balance teams


- Addressing a freeze that would occur in rare situations involving a combination of high player counts and many killstreaks / explosions occurring simultaneously in a concentrated area

- Further improvements to party reliability to address an issue where mixed NAT types connecting and disconnecting can cause players to drop in some situations

- Investigating "infinite loading screen" issue reported by some users

Monday, December 6, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.04 Patch

The new upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.04 patch is imminent.

Thanks all the comunity, they have an involved important work in this project. This will not be the last update, so stay tunned.

Patch 1.04 is nearing the end of next to last Phase of testing process. Going into Phase 3 submissions on 6/12.

Here is available all the Changelog History:
  • Resolved several issues with parties getting disbanded unexpectedly.
  • Additional measures to prevent the “Transmission error” and other disconnects. This was most likely to occur with large parties where party members had mixed NAT types.
  • Updated handling for UPnP-enabled routers to improve matchmaking conditions where users had strict or moderate NAT types. Also added in-game communications so that all players are aware of their NAT type in the Player Match party lobby.
  • Addressed an issue with VOIP icons not appearing when USB headsets were plugged in prior to game launch.
  • Prevention of exploit that allowed players to keep custom classes and killstreaks after prestige.
  • Addressed an issue where Flak Jacket Pro would not always protect against ground fires left by Napalm Strikes.
  • Prevention of users losing their killstreak reward when switching classes at the start of a new round in round-based game modes.
  • Addressed an issue where the incorrect perks would appear when spectating another player under certain circumstances.
  • Added round start explosive delay to China Lake grenade launcher to give it the same round start limitations as other explosives.
  • Contracts will now reset when the player Prestiges.
  • Prevention of Valkyrie rocket exploding upon release under rare conditions.
  • Prevention of Gunship failing to give player full control under rare conditions.
  • Prevention of an issue where a player will get teleported outside the map boundaries under very specific circumstances.
  • Additional security measures to enhance detection and banning capabilities.
Gameplay Tuning:
  • Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.
  • Added a negative influencer to all spawn points to decrease the chances of spawning near an enemy. This will further improve spawning protection on top of previous updates.
  • Additional sound mix tuning for Ninja Pro users – increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps, and removed player footstep sounds on concrete material types.
  • Increased headshot multipliers for sniper rifles. Sniper rifles with suppressors equipped will now always be ensured one-shot kill headshots.
  • Subtle increase in sniper rifle accuracy when scoping in.
  • Added a render delay to the red diamond player indicators that appear when controlling the Gunship, Valkyrie Rocket and Chopper Gunner. When a player first spawns, this will not appear for a period of time.
  • Additional minor reductions in knife lunge.
Fixes on live mode

  • Addition of Hardcore HQ & Hardcore CTF game modes to the playlists
  • Prevention of the ability to earn XP in Private Matches
  • Improvements to the spawn system to resolve an issue where negative spawn influencers from specific game events were not always being deleted after the danger had cleared – in some matches, this was causing good spawns to be erroneously flagged by the game as bad spawns, which in turn forced actual bad spawns to get selected later in the match
  • Experimental slight reduction in knife lunge range – this is a trial change
  • Prevention of Prestige glitching – trying to prestige from Combat Training will reset your stats but not give you prestige
11/17 (full patch)
  • Improved matchmaking to find matches significantly faster
  • Improved matchmaking to ensure that players are more effectively matched to games with the best networking conditions
  • Improved host selection to ensure that the best host is always selected in the pre-game lobby
  • Improved party system to ensure that parties don’t get broken apart
  • Disable ability to join Private Match, Combat Training and Theater lobbies when searching for Player Match games
  • Server-side and game-side changes to decrease the amount of failed Film uploads
  • Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by this)
  • Prevention of Combat Training stats getting crossed with Player Match stats under rare conditions
  • Prevention of temporary loss of functionality when a button was being held down at the point of a disconnect
  • Additional fine-tuning of audio levels and ranges for footsteps and gunfire
  • Additional fine-tuning of audio levels for bomb plants/defuses
  • Additional online security enhancements
  • Optimization to prevent friends list from spamming user while in game – will improve game performance for users with large numbers of friends
  • Prevention of killstreak selection getting disabled in Combat Training under rare conditions
  • Array: Added collision to prevent players from partially clipping into a tree
  • Launch: Added collision to prevent players from strafe jumping onto an invisible ledge at the base of the rocket near B3
  • Summit: Added collision to prevent players from jumping to a location outside of the map boundary when in Custom Games where player speed is maxed out
  • Havana: Added collision to prevent players from jumping onto an invisible ledge above a doorway at C2
  • Nuketown: Adjusted a spawn point that would spawn players on top of a mannequin’s head when that mannequin was randomly spawned in that location
  • Launch: User could access a small platform outside of the intended play space below the rocket gantry by jumping to a very specific location; now blocked from access
  • Launch: User could access a small area inside geometry at vents near Dom flag A by going prone and moving around in a very specific location; now blocked from access
  • Some users reported that weapon attachment challenges were not resetting after prestige; now all are guaranteed to clear as soon as selecting the prestige option
  • Online number counts were not updating properly; these are now reporting exact online numbers
  • Parties getting disbanded when host did not find a match quickly
  • Users’ rank and stats can get wiped under very specific conditions
  • Radar sweep when there are only 2 players left in One in the Chamber will stop functioning if the 2 players have multiple lives when the sweep starts
  • Crash when viewing content (films, clips, etc) in the Community & Recent Games menu
  • Villa: User can clip into rock at west edge of grid zone B2 and see through to the other side
  • Crisis: User can clip into LVT between grid zone A3 and B3 and see through to the other side
  • User can get an infinite number of 'Sam Turret', 'Care Package' and 'Sentry Gun' killstreaks (commonly referred to as the “care package glitch”)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

News: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, The Battle for Hastings (Expansion), Available on December

EA Community Coordinator has issued a video trailer today with the new content for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Vietnam The Battle for Hastings for the PS3 game devices.

Will arrive on the PlayStation 3 on December 21 with the low cost of $14.99, with new great gameplay to an already astounding shooter.Official Webpage

This expansion arrives with new incredible weapons, vehicles, and new four maps. And one of the most claimed maps of previous Battlefield, Vietnam will also be included.

The lastmap: "Operation Hastings", will add a new features, everything that makes Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam amazing: new Jeeps, sidecars, chuchs, tanks, boats & helicopters all in the same scene. There's a  main bridge that divide the map in two zones. Certainly, it's not an easy task to unlock the last map, fifth map, of the game.

In order to unlock last mission, we've decided to start up a new challenge. The players will need to achieve 70 million team operations within BBC2 and BBC2 Vietnam.

We can conclude that it's an interesting present for Christmas, remember will be realeased on 21 on December 21.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Resistance 3 PS3 Trailer Gameplay

Creative Director of Insomniac Games: Marcus Smith has revealed a preview video, also confirmed today that Resistance 3 for PS3 trailer will debut almost immediately.

Previously was revealed  formally the announce of Resistance 3. We are revealing that we will be bring  new trailer, in exclusive during the VGA event (Saturday, 11 December US, ).

In this trailer you will explore a new experience, live action scenes of trembling moments in the game, meanwhile you will have a global impression of the new Resistance 3. Play the contet below to enjoy the trailes.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Graphene: New Mobile Phones Concept

Second Life - концепт прозрачного телефона (3 фото)

Looks like this idea a little too fantastic even for a new concept. The authors offer a simple reminder about charging the phone - switch the "ordinary» AMOLED-display in monochrome mode screen technology with E-Ink. This is a monochrome mode is used for power saving mode of the phone.  

We can only guess when it's the interesting times in which the electronic filling system, including the battery, can be done either transparent or so small that they can hide the navigation button to the device.  

But it looks like the device in the picture is certainly so beautiful.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Canon EOS 60D Review, Information

The Canon 60D series is one of the flagship Canon cropped frame APS-C model in the Canon line up of DSLR before the arrival of the Canon EOS 7D. Nikon (Canon’s main rival) has no direct model to compete with, above the Nikon D90 and below the Nikon D300. With the introduction of the new EOS 60D, Canon has moved it down to directly compete with the Nikon D90. However, ironically, Nikon has moved the D90 successor, the D7000 to directly compete with the Canon EOS 50D.

  • 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Full HD movies with manual control
  • ISO 100-6400, H:12800
  • 5.3fps shooting for up to 58 JPEGs
  • In-camera RAW processing

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cracking 14 Character Complex Passwords in 5 Seconds

Source: ciozone

There has been a lot of talk recently in the security community about high speed GPU (video card) processors being able to crack passwords very quickly.

But there is a technology that can crack them even faster. A Swiss security company called Objectif Sécurité has created a cracking technology that uses rainbow tables on SSD drives.


Apparently it is the hard drive access time and not the processor speed that slows down cracking speed. So using SSD drives can make cracking faster, but just how fast?

One article in March of this year stated that the technique using SSD drives could crack passwords at a rate of 300 billion passwords a second, and could decode complex password in under 5.3 seconds.

So, how long would a long complex password hold up to the SSD based cracking technology?
Sounds like we need to put this to the test. Most hackers will crack passwords by decoding the password hash dumps from a compromised computer.

So, I pulled several 14 character complex passwords hashes from a compromised Windows XP SP3 test machine, to see how they would stand up to Objectif’s free online XP hash cracker.
The results were stunning.

Let’s start out with an easy one. Here is the Administrator password hash from the machine:
And putting this into Objectif’s tool we get this response:
Password: Empty password…
Time: 2 seconds
Administrator didn’t set a password, that’s not good…
Okay, that wasn’t 14 characters, let’s try a hard one.

How about this one:
Hash: 17817c9fbf9d272af44dfa1cb95cae33:6bcec2ba2597f089189735afeaa300d4
And the response:
Password: 72@Fee4S@mura!
Time: 5 Seconds
Wow! that took only 5 seconds and that is a decent password.

Let’s try a few more:
Hash: ac93c8016d14e75a2e9b76bb9e8c2bb6:8516cd0838d1a4dfd1ac3e8eb9811350
Password: (689!!!<>”QTHp
Time: 8 Seconds

Hash: d4b3b6605abec1a16a794128df6bc4da:14981697efb5db5267236c5fdbd74af6
Password: *mZ?9%^jS743:!
Time: 5 Seconds (Try typing that in every day!)
And Finally:
Hash: 747747dc6e245f78d18aebeb7cabe1d6:43c6cc2170b7a4ef851a622ff15c6055
Password: T&p/E$v-O6,1@}
Time: Okay, this one really pushed it to the limits, it took a whole 11 seconds to crack!

Very impressive, it took only five to eleven seconds in this test to crack 14 character complex passwords. I was able to create a password that Objectif’s site couldn’t decode; it was using characters from the extended ASII set.
But, unfortunately, I could not log into the XP system using it either.  

Want to see how a password would do without having to exploit a system and dump the password hashes?
Objectif allows you to put a password in and it will convert it for you. Then you can place the hash into the cracker and see how it does.

I believe that this demonstration shows that relying on passwords alone may no longer be a good security measure.
Many companies and government facilities are moving away from using just passwords to dual authentication methods. Biometrics and smartcards are really becoming popular in secure facilities.

And if the rumors are true, it looks like Microsoft may include facial recognition authentication in the next version of Windows. Time to dust off the old Web Cam…

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk, without changing partition

Microft Windows is not capable to roll back changes if you convert a basic disk to dynamic. So you need to delete the partition if you want to recover previous state.

Here I would like to mention other posibility, now you can change it without data loss, in a few seconds.

This tool will make it posible: Dynamic Conversor Utility.

Download Link


Mirror 2

Free of virus, test it at: