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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Add a contextual menu for all files in Windows Explorer

You could create a contextual menu (right click in a file in Windows Explorer) to open your selected file with your fave application.

It's really fast so, move on.

  • Run regedit.exe
  • Enter in  "*".
  • Go to shell (create a new key if doesn't exist)
  • Create a new key and rename it to "Open with YOUR APPL"(Could exist another similar key so   create it at the same folder deep) 
  •  Create another key within the previous one, (like a subfolder tree ) rename it to "command"
  •  Enter created command key and change "predefined field" to "C:\Program Files\YOUR APPLCATION  FOLDER\APPLICATION.exe" "%1" or your route to your application folder, it's   importat to keep "%1" at the final with quotes.
  •  Check it in Windows Explorer, right click in a random file and test that your string appear here.

Capture at the final stage:

And the check out
Fast and easy, now you save a lot of time looking for your application to open with. Use Backup manager

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