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Sunday, January 30, 2011

PSP successor Official Launch, PSP 2 codenamed 'NGP' (Next Generation Portable)

Sony has the mastery to actually bring the awaited "PSP2" into the world -- and that moment is now. The "sequel" to the PlayStation Portable was made official today during a press event in Japan, that thing looks like the PSP.

Codenamed "NGP" , "Next Generation Portable" Entertainment System, the device has been designed with five core buzz phrases in mind, according to Sony: Revolutionary User Interface; Social Connectivity; Location-based Entertainment; Converging Real and Virtual; and PlayStation Suite Compatibility.

The new hardware features dual analog sticks; a 5-inch OLED display (with 960x544 pixel -- 4x the PSP's); a front touchscreen and rear touchpad; 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS; and, for good measure, the same six-axis motion system that propels the Move, plus a three-axis compass, and we can't forget the front and rear cameras (those come standard these days). Of course, the NGP plays games, too, which will be offered on new flash memory-based cards that feature added storage for DLC and game saves.

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